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APPX/ODBC Checklist

When attempting to access AppxIO files from an ODBC client using APPX/ODBC, and you get a generic error message list "C++ Library Error", try the following:

  1. Make sure that the user is running the most recent version of APPX/ODBC. (As of May 5th, that is version 4.0.a.) The best way to do this is likely to be a reinstall.Make sure that the appxsetp.dll and appxodbc.dll libraries in their windows\system directory are the right version, by checking the version info for each, in Explorer Properties

  2. Make sure that the executable they are using (ex: MSACCESS.exe), has been modified with the stackfix.exe utility to have a larger stack size, to allow for the size of the APPX/ODBC ODBC driver.

  3. Go through the customer's system configuration, verifying that all DLL's needed by APPX/ODBC exist, as described in Debugging APPX/ODBC.

  4. Check the customer's windows or winnt directory for a file named "dhstodbc.ini".This file should contain:

      • [Environment]


    • If it isn't there, let us know.

5. Check the hard drive for all files ending in .stk, in case APPX/ODBC is creating a .stk file entry for the MS Access program, when it encounters the error condition that leads to the C++ error. If you find one containing entries with dates that match the customer's attempts to access the APPX file, please forward it to us, along with information as to what keystrokes the user used, to produce the error.

6. Have the user set, on the PC they're using to run Access, the variables:

  • APPX_ODBC_LOG=c:\appxodbc.txt


  • ... then reboot and do whatever generates the error, again.Send this log file to us.

7. IF this error occurs ONLY when accessing a certain table, and does NOT occur when accessing OTHER tables, please send to us the APPX techdoc for the file in question, since the error might be related to the layout of that specific file.

See also the APPX/ODBC Master Document.


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