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APPX 5 - Linux/Unix - New Installation


Two different methods are provided to install APPX on Linux/Unix. There is a GUI installer and a Console Mode (character mode) installer. The same installer is used for both methods. The installer will automatically detect if it is being run as a command or from a GUI Desktop, although in some cases you may have to add "-c" to the command line to force the character installer. Regardless of which installation method is used, the result is the same. A typical APPX installation on a system where APPX has not been previously installed performs the following steps:

  1. Creates an O/S user named "appx" and a group named "appxgrp".
  2. Creates the destination directory and installs APPX into it.
  3. Sets the appropriate permissions
  4. Runs APPX to allow you to complete the configuration
    • Add APPX System Administrators to the APPX user file
    • Configure and start the APPX Login Manager service
    • Configure and start the APPX Audit Manager service
    • Install the license key

GUI Installation on Linux/Unix

Log in to your system as the "root" user.

Download the APPX/Linux GUI installer (appxsetup.sh) from the APPX web site or the APPX ftp server and save it to your Desktop or to any other suitable folder. The following instructions will refer to the appxsetup.sh file, which is the name of the Linux installer. The installers for other operating systems have similar names, ie, appxsetup-aix.sh for AIX, appxsetup-sun.sh for Solaris, and so on. if you are downloading directly from the ftp site, make sure you choose the correct installer for your O/S, and substitute your installer's name in the following instructions.

Change the permissions on the downloaded installer file to have Execute permissions.


Run the installer file (appxsetup.sh). If you are presented with a "Run or Display?" screen similar to the one below, click on the "Run" button.


After a few moments, the APPX Setup Wizard should display the Welcome screen. Click on the "Next" button to continue.


Read and accept the license agreement.


Specify the Destination Directory into which APPX is to be installed. As a matter of convention, APPX is usually installed into /usr/local/appx but may be installed into the directory of your choice.


You will be warned if the destination directory already exists. Otherwise, the APPX Setup Wizard will create it.


APPX will then be installed into the specified destination directory.


When the APPX Setup Wizard displays the final screen, click on the Finish button to end the APPX Setup Wizard and to automatically run APPX to complete the configuration and installation of APPX.


When you click on the Finish button, an APPX session will be automatically launched to APPX500NewInstallConfigAPPX of the APPX environment.

Finally, if you intend to log into APPX as user "appx", then you must add a password for the "appx" o/s user that was created by the installer (use the "passwd appx" command).

After completing the above steps, you should be able to login to APPX as user "appx" from a remote desktop using the ADC.

Character Mode Installation

If you don't have access to a GUI, you can run the Appx installer in character mode by appending "-c" to the command line. After a few moments, the Appx Setup Wizard should display the Welcome message. Press Enter to continue the installation.

On some systems the Java based installer may fail to run with a notice as shown below even though you are supplying the -c argument. In this case, make sure you have dejavu-sans-font package installed, and also that you have a non headless version of a JRE available to the installer. You can do that with the following yum command on RHEL8.

yum install dejavu-sans-fonts java-1.8.0-openjdk

Could not display the GUI. This application needs access to an X Server.
You can also run this application in console mode without
access to an X server by passing the argument -c
[root@rhel8 Downloads]#

# ./appxsetup.sh -c

Unpacking JRE ...
Preparing JRE ...
Starting Installer ...
This will install Appx on your computer.
OK [o, Enter], Cancel [c]

Next, read and accept the License agreement. Press Enter as each page is displayed.

Please read the following License Agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation.

Software License

APPX Utility - Release 5.0.0

_ Important! _

Please read this carefully before you click on the Accept button.


"Software License Agreement (SLA)" shall mean this Software License document and the associated *License Key document collectively.


After the agreement has been displayed, enter 1 to accept the license agreement, or 2 to cancel the installation.

For inquires regarding this agreement, please contact: APPX Software, Inc., 11363 San Jose Blvd., Suite 301, Jacksonville, Florida 32223, USA

I accept the agreement

Yes [1], No [2]

Choose the directory where APPX should be installed and the other installation options.

Where should Appx be installed?


Create a desktop icon?

Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

Create a Quick Launch icon?

Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

After all the files have been installed, you will have to run an APPX session to APPX500NewInstallConfigAPPX of the APPX environment.

If you are installing in character mode, then follow these steps to complete the installation. These should be run as root user :

  • Change to the directory where appx was installed (i.e., cd /usr/local/appx)
  • Run appx (./appx) in character mode to complete the installation and configuration
    • Configure and start the services
    • Add additional System Admin users
    • Import the registration
  • Add a password for the "appx" o/s user that was created by the installer (use the "passwd appx" command)

After completing the above steps, you should be able to successfully log in to appx as user "appx" from a remote desktop using the ADC.


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-- SteveFrizzell - 23 Oct 2008

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