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Calling Inquiries from Scrolling INPUTs

"I have a scrolling INPUT on a set of data. I would like the Automatic Child to jump to a full screen display of the full set of data. I have an existing INQUIRY that has the exact look and feel of what I want, and the users are familiar with this screen. How can I reuse this existing INQUIRY? (A simple Automatic Child doesn't work.)"


  1. Before invoking the INQUIRY, set --- PROCESS CODE to "DISP".
  2. In the Key Entry frame's Global Pre-Display event point, execute:
      *         RETURN to Display, 1st time thru
      IF       --- PROCESS CODE               EQ     DISP
T     SET      --- OPTION                     =      RETURN
T     SET      --- PROCESS CODE               =      DONE
      *         END to go back to INPUT, 2nd time thru
F     IF       --- PROCESS CODE               EQ     DONE
FT    SET      --- OPTION                     =      END

(All this can be done in a SUBR, called from Key Entry's Global Pre-Display event point.)

When the INQUIRY starts, PROCESS CODE is DISP, so the KEY ENTRY frame is skipped. Since the INQUIRY is constrained to one record, it displays only that record from the INPUT.

When the user presses ENTER or END after viewing the data, Key Entry executes again, but since PROCESS CODE is now DONE, it sets OPTION to END. INQUIRY ends, and control is returned to the parent.


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