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APPX 5.2.3 Patch Bug Fixes

Following is a list of bugs that were fixed in Appx patch release 5.2.3. The bug number, from APPX Bug Tracker (SIRID) is in parenthesis.

  • Table Source ignores Alternate Key specification (#2672)
  • SQL Server 2012 and FASTFIRSTROW failure (#2678)
  • Apply Patch / Design Transfer All broken (#2680)
  • APPX 5.2 install needs to create Tmpdata directory (#2689)
  • Set OPTION = REDISPLAY in Option Intercept executes child process (#2735)
  • Appx/Linux does not create appx.stk files (#2736)
  • Deleting parent records in child causes problems. (#2737)
  • Need extra logging for engine crash (#2738)
  • General Stability (#2739)
  • Token Fields get lost when rewriting SQL Server (#2741)
  • CNV TEXT sometimes throws compile error (#2742)
-- AlKalter - 2013-03-15
Topic revision: r1 - 2013-03-15 - AlKalter
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