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This subroutine hides the scroll buttons on the toolbar.


      *        Check for errors
      IF       --- .WIDGET HIDE SCROL BTN     NE


This subroutine hides the scroll buttons on the toolbar. There are no parameters.

This should be called in the Pre-Display or Global Pre-Display event points. Appx adds these buttons automatically on every iteration of the image, so if you want to hide them, you must call this routine every time as well.

Note that this does not delete the underlying --- WIDGET record. You can also unhide the scroll buttons via .WIDGET SHOW SCROLL BTN and you can delete them via .WIDGET DEL SCROLL BTN.

Also note that normally scroll buttons are not shown on the toolbar. Before you can manipulate them with this routine, you would have to:

  • Modify the STANDARD TOOLBARS process in 0LC, changing the 'Show on Toolbar' GUI attribute of the appropriate Optional Children on the appropriate images. Save the new process in your application.
  • Hook the --- STANDARD TOOLBARS process with your new process. You can then manipulate the scroll buttons with this subroutine.


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-- JeanNeron - 2012-02-07

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