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This subroutine pauses for the specified number of seconds.


      PASS         <seconds>                  FIELD            SHARE? N
      GOSUB    --- .UTIL SLEEP
      *        Check for errors
      IF       --- .UTIL SLEEP                NE


This subroutine pauses for the specified number of seconds. The number of seconds must be PASSed or the subroutine will CANCEL.

<seconds> is the number of seconds to 'sleep' (Required). This must be an integer greater than zero. Passing zero or a negative number will immediately exit.

Control will not return to the calling program until the specified number of seconds has elapsed. This subroutine can be interrupted via Control-C in character mode.

No information is displayed to the user during this time. If you want a 'countdown timer' to inform the user how much longer they have to wait, use .UTIL SLEEP WITH TIMER.


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-- JeanNeron - 2012-01-27

Topic revision: r1 - 2012-01-27 - JeanNeron
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