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This subroutine clears any unfilled PASS requests.


      *        Check for errors
      IF       --- .UTIL CLEAR PASS LIST     NE


This subroutine clears any unfilled PASS requests. No parameters are required.

This can be useful if you have issued a number of PASS statements, but decide not to run the subroutine. This will remove the unused values, otherwise they will remain until the next subroutine is invoked.

A common situation is where you have PASS statements in the Pre-Invocation of an Optional or Automatic child. This event point may execute more than once before the child is actually executed, so you may want to use this subroutine before the PASS statements to clear any that were executed previously. Note that it's possible for the Pre-Invocation point to execute without the child process ever executing, therefore if you are going to put PASS statements in the Pre-invocation event point, it's a good idea to condition them on --- OPTION being equal to the Optional Child in question. This cannot be done in Automatic Children, so PASS statements should be avoided in that event point, if possible. If you must use them, use this subroutine to clear any unused PASSed values.


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-- JeanNeron - 2012-01-27

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