This subroutine sets or clears the tooltip for selected widgets. Added in Release 6.1


      PASS         <tooltip>                  FIELD            SHARE? N
      PASS         <beg_at_name>              FIELD            SHARE? N
      PASS         <end_at_name>              FIELD            SHARE? N
      *        Check for errors
      IF       --- .WIDGET SET TOOLTIP        NE


This subroutine hides selected widgets. <beg_at_name> is required, the subroutine will cancel if it is not received.

<beg_at_name> is the name of the first WIDGET to be hidden (Required).

<end_at_name> is the name of the last WIDGET to be hidden (Optional). If not PASSed, it will default to <beg_at_name>.

<beg_at_name> and <end_at_name> will be used in BEG AT/END AT commands to read the --- WIDGET file and set the WIDGET INVIS flag on all the widgets within the range.

Note that this does not delete the underlying --- WIDGET record. You can unhide --- WIDGET records via .WIDGET SHOW BY NAME, and you can delete them completely via .WIDGET DEL BY NAME


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-- JeanNeron - 2012-02-07

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