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System Administration

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Customizing the runtime environment

The APPX runtime environment includes many standard screens, Scan screens, Disposition screens, etc. This page shows how you can customize these to more closely resemble your applications.


Character Encoding

This page discusses how APPX handles character encoding


HTML Client

In Release 5.4, APPX added the HTML client, which allows users to connect to APPX via any browser based device, such as a tablet or smart phone.

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APPX Audit Log

In Release 5.0, APPX added the ability to log every change made to an APPX data file via the Audit Log.


APPX Usage Log

You can set up a usage log to track everything from simple log on/off to every process executed along with all ERROR, WARNING and MESSAGE statements.


APPX Source Code Control System

In Release 5.0, APPX introduced a Source Code Control system.

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