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Developer Tips

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APPX API's (Release 5.1 & up)

Release 5.1 added a library of API's to handle common programming tasks. These replace the older ',RT' calls and should be used instead. This link shows the current list of all available API's, not just the ones released in 5.1.


Using Custom Fonts in APPX

How to use custom fonts (such as bar codes) in PDF Outputs.

APPX Widget Macros

Widget macros allow you to access some advanced GUI features such as controlling layering, drop shadows, moveable buttons, and more.

Accessing APPX Data Using Visual Basic

This page has some sample VB code showing how to access APPX/IO data via ODBC


Customizing the runtime environment

The APPX runtime environment includes many standard screens, Scan screens, Disposition screens, etc. This page shows how you can customize these to more closely resemble your applications.

Customizing Background Processing

This page discusses how APPX handles background processing and how you can customize it.


Uploading Spreadsheet Data to APPX

This page discusses a technique for uploading data from a spreadsheet into APPX.


GOSUBs and SUBRoutines

An explanation of how APPX handles GOSUB statements that call SUBRoutine processes.

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