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Configuring APPX for Unix

Configuring the Login Manager

This document explains how to configure the new login manager in APPX 5.0 + higher

Unix HASP Installation

This document is of interest to customers installing APPX on an Intel/Unix platform, such as Linux, SCO, and NCR Unix. APPX versions prior to 4.1.8 require a HASP because Intel/Unix systems don't enforce unique CPU serial numbers. Versions after 4.1.8 can use the MAC address of the ethernet card and do not require a HASP.

Determining the Linux MAC Address - APPX 4.1.8 and later
Determining the Linux MAC Address
  APPX uses the MAC Address of the ethernet adapter as the serial number for Linux registrations. This document provides instructions on how to determine that number.
Determining the Unix Serial Number
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