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Known Issues

  • All examples should be tested on a Windows Server. There is a definate Linux slant to some things, ie, some routines check to see if the first character of a file name is a / or \ to determine if it's a complete pathname or not. Under Windows, a complete path begins with a drive letter, not a / or \. - Tested, all charts render under Windows, once the next problem was fixed.
  • The examples in 1CD have the path /var/www/html/ChartDirector/phpdemo hardcoded. This path can vary depending on Windows vs Linux installation. The examples should probably check the server type and use the appropriate default. - Fixed. A work field sets a default path based on the server O/S, and the relevant charts PASS that to .CHART SET IMAGE PATH. The menu has been changed to instruct the user to review that work field.
  • The Linear Meter chart type has a few problems:
    • The pointer files (PTR1/2) are not initialized when .CHART INITIALIZE is called, so each time you call .CHART RENDER, the previously defined pointers appear as well as the one(s) you intended for the current chart.
    • The PRT1/2 files are not linked to a particular CHTSPEC record, so if you are working with multiple charts of this type, when you render a chart the pointer(s) will appear on all charts, not just the current one.
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