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APPX 5.5.0 Installation Instructions

This page provides instructions for installing APPX 5.5.0.

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  • If you are upgrading from a release prior to 5.4.3 and you are using Language Translation you should process the DD in your applications to fix bug 3450
  • The Java client did not honour the 'Transparent' flag, but that bug has been fixed. You may have some inputs where the transparent flag was checked but since the client did not honour it, you would not notice a difference. Since that bug has been fixed, you may find some screens where the underlying data is showing thru. In this case, check the 'Transparent' flag on the image. This was the case with some screens in Application Design, so if you use the new client with a release prior to 5.5.0, you will see some transparent screens. This is not a bug, but the result of fixing the bug. The 5.5.0 client with 5.5.0 Application Design does not have this problem.
  • The layout of the shared memory segment used by the license manager is different from all previous releases. If you are planning to run 5.5 and any previous release on the same server, make sure APPX_MONITOR_KEY has a different value from your other installations.


Installation of APPX 5.5.0 is accomplished by simply following the steps outlined below for your target platform. Because all platforms use a common Installation Wizard, the installation steps for the various platforms are very similar.

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