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APPX ODBC Installations Instructions

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  APPX ODBC 5 is a new product compared to earlier versions of APPX ODBC. There is no upgrade, just uninstall the older version prior to installing the new version.
AppxODBC requires 3 components to work. The Appx FMS Server (APPX server configured to listen on TCP 8060 by default), The Appx ODBC Data Gateway (aka AppxODBC Server, configured to listen on TCP 1990), and the Appx ODBC Driver with ASQL tool. These components can all be installed on one computer or each component could be installed on separate computers. The Appx FMS server should already be installed and running. The APPX FMS Server is an APPX server configured to accept APPX client connections via TCP, by default TCP 8060. Install the Appx ODBC Data Gateway, then the Appx ODBC Driver + ASQL. Run ASQL to import Apppx dictionaries. On non-admin PCs you could choose to install the Appx ODBC Driver (minus ASQL). Here's what each installer does do...
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