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APPX 6.1.0 - Linux/Unix - New Installation

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  A community is usually understood as the intersection of all users speaking the same language and living in the same country. Furthermore, a community can use more specific conventions. For example, an English/United States/Military locale is separate from the regular English/United States locale since the US military writes times and dates differently than most of the civilian community.
APPX needs to know your Locale. If not specified, it will default to en_US.
APPX needs to know your Locale. If not specified, it will default to en_US.UTF8.
  To change the locale, use a text editor to modify the 'appx.env' file, and add:
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  The 'appx.env' file is located in the 'data' folder of your installation folder. For example, if APPX was installed in /opt/appxserver, then 'appx.env' is located at '/opt/appxserver/appx.env'.
Note that changing locale requires you to rebuild all key files for both design files and data files.
 See http://userguide.icu-project.org/locale for more information on Locales.

Completing the Installation

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