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APPX Linux/Unix - APPX 5 Upgrade Instructions

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 APPX 5.0.0 includes the new APPX Login Manager service. This service replaces the Connection Manager (appxd) which was included with APPX releases prior to APPX 5.0.0. The old Connection Manager will not work with APPX 5.0.0 and should not be used. You should remove appxd and start-appxd.sh from the tools directory since they are no longer needed. You should also remove any commands that might be run to start appxd during the boot process.

To configure and start the new APPX Login Manager service, log in as the root user and execute a command similar to the following:

 /usr/local/appx/services/appxLoginMgr -install -name=appxLogin8060 -port=8060

 cd /usr/local/appx/services/
./appxLoginMgr -install -name=appxLogin8060 -port=8060
  Warning - the engine that you named has the setuid bit enabled, you may not want that bit set for the authentication
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