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APPX Linux/Unix - APPX 5 Upgrade Instructions

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  After executing the above command, users should be able to use the APPX 5.x Desktop Client to successfully login on port 8060. For additional information on managing APPX Login Services, please refer to the complete documentation.

Final Tasks

  1. Review your 'appx.env' file. Ensure any settings from 4.2.x are still there. Remove any obsolete settings.
  1. Review your 'appx.env' file. Ensure any settings you still need are there. However, remove any obsolete settings. In particular, do not set APPX_42_EPS, this will cause system wide problems with Page Up/Down.
  1. Create the new System Administration files ("System Administration/File Management/System Admin Files" on pull down menu).
  2. Upgrade Design Files
    • Remove the Structure files for each of your applications. It is not necessary to do this to the applications supplied with Appx (0AD, 0LA, 0DB, 0SA, 1EX, DMO, etc)
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