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APPX 5 Installation Instructions

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  • IMPORTANT: The APPX Desktop Client for Macs only runs on Intel based Macs with OS/X 10.5 Update 1, or higher. Older Intel based Macs might be able to use a third party Java runtime but this has not been tested. Power PC based Macs will not be able to run the APPX Desktop Client at all, since Apple does not provide Java SE 6 for this platform.
  • IMPORTANT: APPX Desktop Client version should match the APPX Server version. Failure to keep client and server version in sync can cause connectivity issues between client and server.
  • IMPORTANT: APPX 5.0.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 Unix/Linux installers require the bash shell interpreter. The next patch release (5.0.3) will make use of Bourne shell.
  • IMPORTANT: As part of an ongoing process to separate the job functions of System Administrators and Designers, Appx System Administrators are no longer automatically granted Design Rights. After installing APPX 5.x, you may have to grant yourself design rights. If there is only one System Administrator (other than user 'appx'), you will be able to grant yourself design rights. If there is more than one Appx System Administrator, you must get one of those administrators to grant you design rights.


Installation of APPX 5 is accomplished by simply following the steps outlined below for your target platform. Because all platforms use a common Installation Wizard, the installation steps for the various platforms are very similar.

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