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META TOPICPARENT name="APPXRuntimeSubroutineAPI"


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 <length_read> is the number of characters actually read (5.3.2 and higher only). This must be passed SHARED to return a value.

If --- .STREAM READ contains 'Data was truncated', it means the <read_buffer> field you passed was not large enough to contain all the data that was read. If --- .STREAM READ contains 'EOF', then there is no more data to be read.


Binary File Support - 5.4.4

Starting in Release 5.4.4 you can open a file with a 'binary' option. In this case, the <read length> tells the API how many characters to read. If you do not pass a <read length> or pass zero, it will default to the length of the <read buffer> field. The <length read> will always tell you how many characters were actually read. If the length of <read_buffer> is greater than 32000, only the first 32000 bytes will be read. The API will return EOF in .STREAM READ when there are no more characters to be read.



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