The T/F Execution Conditions

The first five positions of almost every statement type are reserved for true/false execution conditions. The following is a list of the only values allowed in this group and a brief description of what they mean. See section T/F Execution Condition Values in Chapter 4-2: True/False Status Indicators for a complete discussion.

    Blank indicates no conditions are specified.

    T indicates a true conditional check.

    F indicates a false conditional check.

    - (hyphen) indicates an either true or false conditional check.

    C or * indicates the presence of a temporary comment. APPX bypasses any statement that has a C or * in the first position. It is up to you to reset the indicator to one of the four values previously listed before APPX will execute the statement.

The following example demonstrates the true/false execution conditions:

    TTFF  IF       TAR RECEIPT1 POST STARTED      EQ     1

In this statement, the execution conditions TTFF requests APPX to match the corresponding values to the set of five internal true/false status indicators before executing the statement.