Specifying Statements

Every statement you specify within an ILF routine occupies a single line. For each statement, you enter a number of individual components, beginning with a keyword. Each statement type, identified by its unique keyword, has its own syntax (the name given to the predefined pattern of words and symbols) that determines what information you must provide. Table 4-1-1 provides a complete list of statement keywords by category, and Chapter 4-6: ILF Keyword Reference describes each statement in detail, including syntax requirements and available options. There are, however, a number of patterns that apply to several statement types. There are also rules that govern the use of many of the common statement components. This chapter describes many of these patterns so that you can apply them to individual statements as you develop ILF routines.

Remember, when entering or editing ILF statements, the F1 (Help) key provides context-sensitive help relating to the field at which you are positioned.