Pre-PCF Update

The Pre-PCF Update event point executes when a record is changed, added, or deleted. As a result, its execution is dependent upon the existence of a PCF. If no PCF file is designated, this event point does not execute. It also does not execute in inquire mode, or in change mode if the record is not modified in any manner by the user or event point code.

Pre-PCF Update is found exclusively in input processes, and executes only in the data addition, data modification, and data deletion interactive phases. It executes immediately before the PCF record is saved, and is followed by Post PCF Update immediately after the record is saved.

Because the event point only executes when a record is being saved or deleted, you can use this event point to perform actions on the PCF record you are saving. It is generally restricted to performing actions in the PCF record itself because the operating system has a hold on the PCF record. Normally, you should separate manipulation of PCF records from manipulation of records in other files. Use this event point to perform any required manipulation of the PCF record. Use Post PCF Update to manipulate records in other files.